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Experience luxury with our ROTOSpa selection! Buy or Rent Today for ultimate comfort!

The RotoSpa hot tub provides a luxurious and indulgent experience, offering relaxation through its lounge seating and invigorating massage jets that cater to your back and feet. With its ambient lighting, it sets a tranquil atmosphere, allowing you to escape from the stresses of the day regularly. This portable hot tub boasts convenience, requiring only a household 120v plug, eliminating the need for special surfaces, wiring, or plumbing. Whether at home during winter or at the cottage in summer, it's a simple and elegant way



The RotoSpa hot tub has a diameter of 83 inches and a depth of 33 inches.


RotoSpa hot tub: 20 jets (2 ozone-ready) and seats 6 comfortably.


The RotoSpa hot tub includes digital temperature display, adjustable jets, lighting control, and an automatic 50 sq. ft. filtration system with a surface skimmer.


RotoSpa hot tub: Insulated with 2lb foam, offers heater options (110v/1 KW or 220v/4 KW), and includes a 1.5HP pump with high/low speeds.


Empty weight of the RotoSpa hot tub is 275lbs, while when filled, it weighs 3000lbs.


$1200.00/2 Months

*Please note that these are only electric and take about a day to a day and a half to heat. 

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